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Agile Remaining Estimate Counter users may sometimes face a configuration problem when the app is unable to withdraw an estimate from an issue due to status category mapping failure.

If a status is not mapped to any of the pre-defined categories "To Do", "In Progress", "Done", issues with such status will be omitted in the estimate calculation.

The user will only get the estimate of the defined issues and a warning notification (see the screenshot below).


Follow this guide to map all of your Jira issue statuses to respective categories.

  1. Navigate to Settings  → Issues → Statuses

  2. Click Edit opposite the undefined status. (For example, "In Progress" as shown in the notification above)

  3. Choose a category corresponding to an issue status in the "Category" field out of "To Do", "In Progress", "Done" options. Learn more

  4. Click Update.

If the issue remains, please contact our Support Helpdesk for further investigation by our tech experts.

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