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Server: version 1.3.6  

  • Minor updates

Cloud: version 1.4.6-AC 

  • Added support for legacy issue status types; 
  • Minor bug fixes.

Cloud: version 1.4.4-AC  

  • Improved app performance;
  • Added message about calculating estimates.

Cloud: version 1.4.2-AC  

  • Added support for Kanban boards;
  • Add support of Next-gen projects (limitation: boards with disabled Sprints feature on Next-gen projects are not supported);
  • Added support of boards with a large amount of issues;
  • Added support of the following estimation units: Story Points, Issue Count, custom field related.

Cloud: version 1.4.0-AC  

  • Cloud version initial release

Server: version 1.3.5  

  • Usability improvements;
  • Markup bug fixes.

version 1.3.4  

  • Fixed empty badges on board with applied quick filters;
  • Fixed badges align on Scrum Boards;
  • Added compatibility with Jira 8.3.0

version 1.3.3  

  • Bug fixes for versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.2

version 1.3.1  

  • Task DataCenter compatibility release

version 1.3.0  

  • added Configuration - Server screen
    • You can choose to show or hide the Remaining Estimates on the board
    • You can choose the background color of the remaining estimate lozenge and the font color
  • Task Supporting Jira Data Center
  • Task Supporting Jira v. 7.11.1

version 1.2.3  

Task Supporting Jira v. 7.10.1

version 1.2.2  

  • Compatibility with Jira 7.8.0
  • added support for Kanplan boards : Kanban with backlog

version 1.2.1  

  • Compatibility with Jira 7.6.2

Kanplan boards