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Agile Remaining Estimate Counter shows the total correct remaining estimate for all issues, including sub-tasks, instead of issues with the Done status group.

(tick) Supported Jira projects: Classic Software and Next-gen projects

(tick) Supported types of Estimation:

1. Classic project Scrum: Custom field, Story Points, Number Custom Field, Original Time Estimate; Issue Count;
2. Classic project Kanban: Original time estimate;
3. Next-gen project Kanban and Scrum: Story Points.

General app overview

  1. AREC location

    1. After the Installation, AREC is shown on the Board and Backlog pages (At the top right corner of the page) 
  • For Classic Software projectsthe app is implemented as a drop-down window; 
  • For Next-gen projectsthe app is shown as a pop-up.

  • At the Backlog page, AREC shows estimation for Backlog and separately for all the Sprints. 

  • At the Board page, you can only see the estimation for the issues on the board. 

  • The AREC app shows: Four labels (TO DO, IN PROGRESS, DONE, REMAINING ESTIMATE), board name, sprint names (at the Backlog page), and the number of tasks.


  1. In order to change types of estimation for AREC pop-up, go to Classic Scrum project -> Board Setting -> Estimation, and use the drop-down menu to choose a required estimation type (It is native Jira functionality - Learn more).
  2. (info) With the Next-gen project Kanban and Scrum, AREC only works with enabled Backlog, Sprint, Estimation features
    Navigate to Project settings -> Features to enable them accordingly.


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