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With Absence Tracking for Jira, you can automate logging time for each day of an employee's absence. The app simplifies the process of worklog tracking for Project Managers, HR Managers and Team Leads during vacations, sick leaves and other PTO cases.


In order to feel the beauty of Absence Tracking you need to have the following: 

  • Project(s) where you want to keep absences ( vacations, sick days, day-offs.. ) for your employees;
  • Workflow - that might involve several stages, the only requirement is that there should be a special Status(es) transition to which means absence is approved and we need to add for each day a certain amount of hours for a given employee (*the approver should have permissions to log work hours for another user);
  • Issue Type with start & end date - those fields will serve as terminator points for absence.


In Configuration of the addon, which you can find Settings > Manage apps > Absence Tracking for Jira 

You provide the following

  • Project
  • Issue type(s) to be affected
  • Status - final status that should trigger action of automatic adding of time
  • Start/End date 
  • Whether or not to use Tempo calendar for employee's time

How does it work

Once Person creates an issue in project for tracking absences (Requestor) it is assumed that this absence needs to be approved by someone. It is expected that the person creates an issue describing a type of absence and duration. The Approver accepts the request and should be granted permissions to log working hours for another person. 

This might be several step process, we do not put any restriction on this. Once workflow reaches Status defined in configuration - Absence Tracking for Jira - will add certain hours defined in calendar for a given employee, under the account of Requestor.

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