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1. Downloading the plugin

The steps:

  1. Go to the plugins download page
  2. Press the Download Now button (Figure 1)
  3. Choose to save the offered .jar file
  4. Decide where to download it.
  5. Wait until the download is complete.

Press the Download Now button

Figure 1 (Press the Download Now button)

2. Installing the plugin

2. 1. Registering a license with the UPM


The Universal Plugin Manager is commonly used to browse available plugins for your application. 
You can also use the UPM to do management tasks such as:

  • Finding, purchasing, and installing new plugins.
  • Enabling/disabling plugins and their plugin modules.
  • Configuring advanced plugin options.
  • Finding out-of-date plugins and updating them.
  • Checking the compatibility of your installed plugins against newer versions of the application.

The UPM-licensing algorithm:

  1. Log In, as an administrator (Figure 3)
  2. Go to the Administration section (Figure 4)
  3. Go to the Plugins menu, 
    choose the Manage Plugins menu item (Figure 5)
  4. In the User-Installed Plugins paragraph (Figure 6), 
    find and expand the Jira FreshBooks Connector plugin (Figure 7) 
    You can see, that there are several buttons, which are associated with getting the license: 
    the ‘ Buy Now ’ and the ‘ Free Trial ’ buttons. 
    At this point, you choose, what kind of a license will you have. Remember that trial licenses expire in a short period of time, because they serve you to evaluate the product, but not to use it, like with the commercial license. 
    After choosing either of them, you will be redirected to the page, from which you can copy your license code. Then you can go back to the UPM page, where you should:
  5. Enter the license code in the 'Enter the new license' text field (Figure 8)
  6. Click Update.

Log In, as an administrator

Figure 3 ( Log In, as an administrator )


Go to the Administration section

Figure 4 (Go to the Administration section)


Go to the Plugins menu, choose the Manage Plugins menu item

Figure 5 (Go to the Plugins menu, choose the Manage Plugins menu item)


In the User-Installed Plugins paragraph

Figure 6 (In the User-Installed Plugins paragraph)


find and expand the Jira FreshBooks Connector plugin

Figure 7 (find and expand the Jira FreshBooks Connector plugin)

Figure 8 (Enter the license code in the 'Enter the new license' text field)

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