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Needed for configuration of mappings for "Issues are a task" and "Issues are a task, worklogs come to the FreshBooks staff, corresponding to the assignee of the issue (work to which was logged). If no corresponding staff found, the default FreshBooks user is the author of time entry" task mapping strategies

The configuration substep (of the configuration step (3) — provide mappings 
for the selected task mapping strategy) — map your Jira Issue Filter to the FreshBooks-task.

The Jira FreshBooks Connector plugins' main responsibility is to synchronize Jira workflow activities with the ones in FreshBooks. In order to do this, the plugin has to know, what issue (Or set of Issues, defined with Jira Issue Filter) in Jira corresponds to what task in FreshBooks. The Jira Issue Filter to FreshBooks-task and Freshbooks-project mapping (or Task Mapping) is a collection of filter-to-task-and-project correspondences. Each map in this mapping defines, particularly workflow information about what Issues correspond to which task in FreshBooks, and to which projects all the summarized worklogs will go to.

It is important to know, that if a task or time entry already exists, then it will be updated in the FreshBooks-project. 
It is also important to know, that if an issue is removed from Jira-project, the corresponding task will not be removed from the mapped FreshBooks-project, though time entries, logged for such issue will be deleted. If a worklog is removed from an issue, then the corresponding time entry (which contains this worklog) will be updated.

In order to add a map to the project mapping, you should do the following:

  1. Log In, as an administrator (Figure 3)
  2. Go to the Administration section (Figure 4)
  3. Go to the Plugins menu, 
    choose the FreshBooks Configuration menu item (Figure 9)
  4. Type the name of your Jira Issue Filter, issues from which you want to synchronise with the FreshBooks-task
    into the corresponding field
  5. Select the FreshBooks-task, the previously selected Jira Issue Filter
    should be synchronized with, inside the corresponding selector (combobox) 
  6. Select the FreshBooks-project, (from the selector of projects, to which the task is assigned to). 
    All the created time entries for this taskMap will be logged against this project
  7. Press the Add button (Figure 20)

Log In, as an administrator 

Figure 3 (Log In, as an administrator)


Go to the Administration section

 Figure 4 (Go to the Administration section)


Go to the Plugins menu, choose the FreshBooks Configuration menu item

 Figure 9 (Go to the Plugins menu, choose the FreshBooks Configuration menu item)

After a map is added, a new line appears giving you an ability to map other filters. 
So, now the Jira FreshBooks Connector plugin knows, what issues in Jira correspond to what task in FreshBooks.

It is almost the whole information needed to start synchronisation.

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