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Needed for "Issue is a task" and "Issues are a task" task mapping strategies

The optional substep (of the step (3) — provide mappings 
for the selected task mapping strategy) — specify the Jira-user to FreshBooks-user mapping.

The Jira FreshBooks Connector plugins' main responsibility is to synchronise Jira workflow activities with the ones in FreshBooks. In order to do this, the plugin has to know, what user in Jira corresponds to what user in FreshBooks, so that the workflow information about the defined user doesn’t get to another user, but the one, specified in the user mapping. The Jira-user to FreshBooks-user mapping is a collection of user-to-user correspondences. Each map in this mapping defines, particularly to which FreshBooks user will all the workflow information of a specified Jira-user go to.

In order to add a map to the project mapping, you should do the following:

  1. Log In, as an administrator (Figure 3)
  2. Go to the Administration section (Figure 4)
  3. Go to the Plugins menu, 
    choose the FreshBooks Configuration menu item (Figure 9)
  4. Type the name of your Jira-user, that has an account in FreshBooks 
    into the corresponding field (Figure 27)
  5. Select the FreshBooks-user, the previously selected Jira-user corresponds to, 
    inside the FreshBooks user selector (combobox) (Figure 28)
  6. Press the Add button (Figure 29)

Log In, as an administrator

Figure 3 (Log In, as an administrator)


Go to the Administration section

Figure 4 (Go to the Administration section)


Go to the Plugins menu, choose the FreshBooks Configuration menu item

Figure 9 (Go to the Plugins menu, choose the FreshBooks Configuration menu item)


Figure 27

Figure 27 (Type the name of your Jira-user into the corresponding field)


Figure 28

Figure 28 (Select the FreshBooks-user inside the corresponding selector)


Figure 29

Figure 29 (Press the Add button)


As you can see, after a map was added, a new line appeared giving you an ability to map other users.
This enables you to:

  • Map a single Jira-user to a single FreshBooks-user (Figure 27-29)
  • Map multiple Jira-user to a single FreshBooks-user (Figure 30)
  • Map a single Jira-user to multiple FreshBooks-user All together this gives an ability to map multiple Jira-users to multiple FreshBooks-users.

Figure 30

Figure 30 (Map multiple Jira-user to a single FreshBooks-user)

So, now the Jira FreshBooks Connector plugin knows, what user in Jira corresponds to what user in FreshBooks. Plus the information, provided by the project mapping, and this becomes all the information needed to start synchronisation.

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