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With Reopening Counter for Jira you are able to see the most problematic issues in projects. It shows how many times a previously resolved issue was reopened for fixing again and serves as a KPI of your project quality. Reopening Counter gives visibility on problematic points in development process be it issues or people. There is no data transferred to third-party and everything counted just in your browser.

What it does?

Reopening Counter calculates how many times certain issue was transitioned from Status with category DONE into TO DO  or IN PROGRESS 

KPI for quality assurance

Clearly highlights which issues need more attention from the perspective of quality assurance and development via Dashboard gadget 

Highlights possible improvement spots in teams

Dashboard gadget provides transparency on deliveries and shows places to be improved in the development process

 Visibility where you need it

 Simply extends issues details with a number of times ticket was reopened. 


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