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Version 1.2.5-AC  

  • Added support of updated Atlassian REST API

Version 1.2.4-AC  

  • Template selection fix

Version 1.2.3-AC  

  • Security vulnerability fix

Version 1.2.1-AC  

  • UI improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.1-AC  

  • Tooltips added to the cloud version

Version 1.1.2  

  • Added tooltips to nodes

Version 1.1.1  

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.1.0  

  • Added capturing of requirements snapshots
  • Visually see changes of requirements over time on one graph

Version 1.1.0-AC  

  • Initial release of cloud version

Version 1.0.0  

Initial Release

  • TBD



(green star)

Adding new custom field type "Duration"