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As a POST comment on Streak side inside the box you can use following commands to force StreakConnector to initiate certain actions 

When choosing a certain user to perform some operations over the selected project, make sure that this user has all necessary rights/roles.




/jira create

A new ticket with the title taken from the Streak Box name will be created in Jira automatically. Presets allow all new tickets to be attributed with a certain type, priority, status and assignee. The created issue number will be stored in the text field "Jira-issue number" in the Streak box.

/jira create 'issue description' 

command will create the new Jira ticket with the issue description.


 /jira create 
Hi John! 

The command will create the new Jira issue with summary taken from the box name and description “Hi John!”.

/jira comment

A new comment text for the existing issue will be created or added to the linked Jira issue.


 /jira comment Hey Dave!


The command will add a comment “Hey Dave!” for the linked issue.

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