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Trello Board Inside Jira enhances your team's collaboration between Trello and Jira - the app allows you to add multiple Trello boards as sources to view, comment, and track Trello cards from your Jira instance. 

  • Install Trello Board Inside Jira addon to your Jira Cloud site from the Atlassian Marketplace. 

  • Configure your local Jira instance and multiple remote Trello boards as sources to pull data from. Input API token and API key to establish connection. Choose a board to pull data from. You can add as many Trello sources as you need and only your current Jira instance.

  • Organize your Trello cards along with Jira issues on a single board. Make "lists" from Trello act as "statuses" in Jira, which can be mapped to columns on the board;

  • View and transition Trello cards from your Jira board, the changes will be dynamically made in Trello;

  • Add comments to "issue" in Jira and they automatically appear in Trello card.

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