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The add-on uses two types of connections between Confluence and Jira:

  • Application Links 
  • Links between Confluence space and Jira project (DEPRECATED since Task Manager for Confluence 1.9.1)

To connect your Jira instance to Confluence, you will need to install a free extension add-on on the Jira side: Task Manager REST API Extender for Jira.

Сonfigure the following:

  1. Link Confluence and Jira with "Application Links" to allow the app to access issues in Jira. Here are the instructions on linking to another application;
  2. Link your space before using the app. The app uses a link between Confluence space and Jira project to retrieve issues from Jira. Find instructions here(DEPRECATED since Task Manager for Confluence 1.9.1)
  3. Install Task Manager REST API Extender for Jira. Click here for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Make sure to install the REST API extender add-on in the linked Jira server. It's available, for free, from the Marketplace.

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