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Task Manager for Confluence is an app that allows users to create, list, view, and edit Jira issues directly from a Confluence page. 

The add-on adds two macros for Confluence:

  • TMC Create Issue macro, which is used to create issues.

  • TMC List macro, which is used to show a list of issues, show a detailed issue view, and edit an issue.

Installation & Administration Guidelines

Please follow the Atlassian add-on Installation guide to install Task Manager for Confluence.

After the Confluence add-on installation is complete, please use the following guide to configure Jira and Confluence.

Getting started

The only thing users need to do before using the add-on is to add the TMC Create Issue macro or the TMC List macro to a Confluence page and configure it. Click here for a detailed guide on how to add a macro to a Confluence page.

For instructions on how to configure the TMC Create Issue and TMC List macros, see here.

Sample Use Case

Before you start using the add-on, please make sure you have followed all the setup steps above:

  1. Add the TMC Create Issue macro to a Confluence page and choose "Bug" in the "issue type" field. Add the TMC List macro to the same page and insert the following JQL into the "Search Input":
issuetype = Bug

    Here is an example of what you'll see:

      2. Use the "Create a Bug" button to create an issue;
      3. The issue you just created will appear in the list as follows:

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