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How-to: Add sources for WatchTower

  1. Navigate to Board Configuration Screen. Tab General. 

  2. Add source URL and press Connect to validate source 

  3. Choose authentication method based on target Jira Platform : Server/ DataCenter or Cloud
    For establishing a connection with remote Jira instances, you can choose ONE of the options below:
    1. Server
      1. Server source: username / password

      2. Server source : personal access token

        Personal access tokens (PATs) offer a secure way to integrate external applications with your WatchTower app, providing a safe alternative to using username and password for authentication. 

        Learn more

        Since WatchTower version 2.0.0 the app can add Jira Server sources accessible via SSO. ( via Personal Access Token)

        - Available natively from Jira 8.14.0

        - With Resolution SSO addon for versions below 8.14.0

      3. Server source : Application Link' box to use the functionality of standard Jira Application Links for accessing remote Jira source. 
        Choose a link to the required Jira instance from the dropdown menu and Authenticate yourself in the remote Jira from a separate browser tab.

        (warning) Application Links should be pre-configured by a Jira Admin of all the target Jira instances.
    2. Cloud source : 

      For Cloud sources, you need API token to authenticate yourself on a remote Jira source.

      Details how to generate one can be found here

  4. Once connection is authorized provide & validate JQL query to pull data from external source
    You can check samples of possible JQL to select issues from filters, components, assignees etc ( from version 1.0.1, September 2017)
    1. Advanced mode provides you access to full support for type-ahead JQL syntax with suggestions relevant for remote Jira source
      or tick 'Use Application Link' box

  5. Once JQL is verified provide details of your connections and save

    Be sure: we do not store your access credentials anywhere.

    Credentials you provide we only use to access target source Jira, thereafter we access remote Jira instance via authentication token "Remember my login. ( source 1, source 2)

  6. Repeat for all sources
    You can change the order of sources by dragging them up/ down

Changing Active / Inactive status
available since version Server: 1.1.0, Cloud 1.0.12-AC
You can change the status of a source, allowing that to be temporarily hidden from the board. 

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