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This is a Quick-Start Guide to WatchTower configuration. Find the detailed How-to articles below.

1. Create Board

  1. Navigate to WatchTower menu bar → View All Boards.
  2. Click Create Board button in top right corner.
  3. Input Board Name and Description.
  4. See your Board created and click Configure.

You will find Configuration tabs on the left. Now you need to add Sources.

2. Add Sources

  1. Navigate to Tab General → click Add Source.
  2. Fill in the required data. See the sample here
    (info) For Cloud sources, you need API token for authentication. Check how to generate API token.
    (warning) Important: We do not store your credentials, they are used only to access the target source Jira.
  3. Add as many sources as you need. Drag and drop to change the order of sources.

3. Configure Columns

  1. Match statuses from the list of 'Unmapped statuses' with respective Columns.
    (info) You only need to map statuses that contain issues. You will be notified when new issues appear in unmapped statuses.
  2. You can Add Column, rename and delete it, and change the order of columns.

4. Configure Swimlanes 

  1. Choose between two options to base swimlanes on: 'Jira Instances' and 'JQL queries'.

    (info) You can Share the Board you created with other users or user groups with 'View' and 'Edit' permission types. Learn more.

How to: Create Board

Navigate to WatchTower menu bar > View All Boards


How to: Add Sources

Navigate to Board Configuration Screen. Tab General. 


How to: Change Order of Sources

Navigate to Board Configuration Screen. Tab General


How to: Match Statuses to Columns

Navigate to Board Configuration screen. Tab Columns


How-to : Add/Change Columns

Navigate to Board Configuration screen. Tab Columns


How-to : Configure Swimlanes

Navigate to Board Configuration. Tab Smimlanes


How-to : Share Board

Navigate to Board Configuration. Board Sharing


How-to : Configure Reports

Navigate to Board Configuration. Reports