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WatchTower is an add-on that pulls issues from several Jiras and Trello and gathers them into an agile board. You can collect tasks from Cloud and Hosted Jiras as well as Trello at one place. The add-on maps the issues, indicates their origin and organizes them into columns. You can configure the board, and move issue cards within the board using drag-n-drop. The add-on allows logging your work from the board. WatchTower updates changes directly to tickets in source Jira instances.


Jira SourceRemote or Local instance of Jira from which WatchTower needs to pull data.
Trello SourceConnection to remote Trello board
WatchTower Board

Board similar to Agile board, which can show issues from different Jira sources in Kanban ( and Backlog for cloud) view and allow set of actions on issues like

  • drag-n-drop which triggers status change
  • logwork - log spent time on issue
  • comment
  • some other are planned, please check roadmap
Source JQL

JQL which will be executed on Source Jira in order to pull data into WatchTower Board

Source FilterFilter on Source Jira
Kanban viewView of classic Kanban board for issues pulled from different sources with possibility to change status, change issues, assign etc
Backlog viewView of backlog for issues from different sources that show data from two left columns mapped in configuration.

Installation & Administration guidelines

Please follow Standard Atlassian Installation instruction for Jira addon.

After instal you get additional menu item in top bar - "WatchTower" which is the entrance point for all further user actions

Sample Use Case

By following configuration guideline you will be able to manipulate and work with issues from different Jira on one WatchTower Board. 

In our case we have 4 sources : Local ( where add-on is installed) + 1 Cloud instance + 1 hosted Jira instance + 1 Trello Source

After all setup is done - WatchTower shows issues from different sources, split on smimlanes based on origin and allows changing status, reporting work etc

Kanban view

Backlog View

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