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To understand our clients' needs better, we collect anonymous statistics of the add-on usage. If for any reason you don't want to share usage statistics you may disable them at any time by:

P.S. We do not recommend disabling Google Analytics as it helps us make better decisions resulting in product that is better adjusted to users' needs

What is collected

The following table is intended to give you a complete understanding of the policy that we use to collect analytics data.

This table is not intended to list all the possible events collected by the add-on. It is however intended to list all rules and exceptions from those rules so that you are able to asses whether something can be collected or not.


Data type


User interface and usage

Displaying and interacting with all components and pages added by the add-on including:

  • WatchTower board
  • Sources

Interacting means clicking on the components or changing their state.

Flags and statistics

We collect boolean flags and statistic numbers from entered data. This applies to data gather via add-on components or pages (including configuration and usage pages). For example:

  • Number of Boards for Add-on installation
  • Number of Boards per user
  • Number of issues on a WatchTower board

Flags and statistics do not contain any user-created data.


We collect a few general context values from JIRA.

  • id randomly generated by add-on for JIRA instance
  • data center flag
  • license type (evaluation/paid)

Context parameters do not contain any user-created data.

What is not collected

We do not collect any data but the minimal and anonymous data listed above. In particular, we do not collect any information about users, issues or any identifiable information about the JIRA instance itself.


I still don't understand what is collected. What should I do?

Just write us at We'll be happy to explain any ambiguities and improve this page.

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