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Navigate to Board Configuration Screen. Tab Sharing

  1. Select user from the list of available and add press "Share" to add user
  2. For each added user you will need to configure access level for each source

    there are two modes of access for a source
    1. "view" - board is shared under permissions of board admin. In this mode a user can see the board, all tickets, their statuses, but cannot execute any actions on behalf of board admin. It is responsibility of board admin to allow user to see data under admin's permissions. 
    2. "edit"  - to access source user needs to provide his own credentials to remote source. In this mode user is allowed to make actions like - transition, comment, add worklog on he has corresponding permission on remote location. All activities are reported under shared user rights. Edit mode is enabled by default for each source for each user. 
  3. To Remove user from shared users - use "Delete button. 

 before 1.4.0

Navigate to Board Configuraiton Screen. Tab Board Sharing

since version Server 1.1.0, Cloud 1.0.12-AC

There are 3 roles in board sharing with different permissions.

  • Browse Board - is a purely view mode, user is not allowed to change anything on board
  • Work On Issues - user has view mode plus permission to leave comments and worklogs, but not allowed to change state of issue on board
  • Transition Issues - all permissions from “Work on Issues” plus user is able to move issues between states on given board

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