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Description of use cases of WatchTower addon

Accessing WatchTower Board

  1. Navigate Menu > Watchtower to access list of recent boards.

  2. on Cloud board is accessible only via "View All Boards" and then selecting the one you need to.

What is there on a card ?

Changing Issue Status

You can change issues status by drag-n-drop between given columns on the board. 

Quick filters

since version 1.5.0

You can filter issues right from Quick Filter input field with syntax reusing most of JQL concepts 

Type-ahead suggestions can allow you to filter issue across all connected Jira sources. 


(info) The Board displays a total of 100 issues per source - the first issues corresponding to used JQL query.

Log work

Accessible either via "log work trigger" manually 

Add comment to issue

Accessible either via "add comment" hover button on card view of an issue

Reference issues from other Jira sources

You can reference issues from other Jira sources while providing worklogs. 

This would create immediate link to referenced issue

Transition screens 

Should your transition require special screen - transition screen - to fill details of an action - it will appear after car drop to corresponding column

At the moment some fields are not supported on transition screen. Should you need these details please go to source Jira and complete action there.

List of fields that are not supported:

  • Sprint
  • Linked Issues
  • Epic Link
  • Component/s
  • Labels
  • Attachment
  • all custom fields

Manipulation with Swimlanes

Accessing shared boards

When observing all boards you might see some boards that other users shared with you.

Once accessed board may be shared with you with one of two modes (...see more)

  • "view" mode - You will access shared board with access rights of board admin. You will not be able to do any actions, except for viewing data
  • "edit"  mode - You will need to provide your details for accessing remote locations. This means that you actually have to have access to remote location that allows you to access data and execute actions like - commenting, making transitions, and adding worklog to issues

    and then provide your access details for each source, where admin assigned you certain access level

If you don't want to see such board you can remove it from the list

Issue view screen

Clicking on the card will get you to to all details of the issue, right on the WatchTower board. If you really need to navigate to source Jira - link in the header is your option

Editing Issue Details

(info) Editable Fields feature in Jira Issue View and Trello Card View is currently available for WatchTower Cloud.

Users can edit Jira issues across several remote Jiras from the WatchTower board.
All the updates are dynamically adjusted in target Jira instances.

Jira Issue View

Inline field editing is currently available for the following fields:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Priority
  • Fix Version
  • Due Date
  • Status
  • Affects Version/s 
  • Reporter 
  • Component/s 
  • Original estimate 
  • Time remaining 
  • Labels 
  • Resolution

Trello Card View

Inline field editing is available for the following fields:

  • Name
  • Members
  • Labels
  • Due Date
  • Description
  • Archive action enabled
  • Watch action enabled

All updates are dynamically displayed on the remote Trello Board.

(warning) Editing Trello cards is not permitted for users who were granted access to the WatchTower board, shared by the admin.
These users can only view Trello cards from the shared board.

  • Generating Work log Reports

(warning) Install Time Reports for Remote Jira from Marketplace, a FREE extension to WatchTower, which enables you to build worklog reports for all members of your team from all added Jira instances.

  • Prerequisites 

In order to configure reports with Time Reports for Remote Jira you need to have the following permissions for Cloud instances: 

Permissions required: Browse users and groups global permission. Anonymous calls or calls by users without the required permission return empty search results.

  • Configure Reports

    • Navigate to Report tab on Board Configuration screen;
    • Go through Report configuration, outlined here;
    • Click Go to Board and Time Report button on WatchTower Board.

  • Types of Report Views

With Time Reports for Remote Jira, you can generate two types of reports:

  • Issues by Source - A worklog report, sorted out by issues, projects and users.

  • User by Day - A grid view of worklogs by user, source and project for a chosen period of time, broken down by day;

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