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  1. Navigate to Board Configuration Screen. Tab General. 
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  2. Fill in data. 

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    Be sure: we do not store your access credentials anywhere.

    Credentials you provide we only use to access target source Jira, there after we access remote Jira instance via authentication token "Remember my login. ( source 1, source 2)

    1. You can check samples of possible JQL to select issues from filters, components, assignees etc ( from version 1.0.1, September 2017)

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    2. Advanced mode provide you access to full support for type-ahead JQL syntax with suggestions relevant for remote Jira source
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  3. Repeat for all sources
  4. Changing Active / Inactive status
    available since version Server : 1.1.0, Cloud 1.0.12-AC
    You can change status of source, allowing that to be temporarily hidden from board. 
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