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Trello Board Inside Jira enhances your team's collaboration between Trello and Jira - the app extends WatchTower add-on by allowing you to add multiple Trello boards as sources to view, comment, and track Trello cards from your Jira instance. 

(warning) The app is free and works as extension for WatchTower - Bridge for multiple Jiras.

  • Install Trello Board Inside Jira addon from the base WatchTower app. 

  • Configure Trello boards as sources to pull data from. Input API token and API key to establish connection. Choose a board to pull data from. You can add as many Trello sources as you need;

  • Organize your Trello cards along with Jira issues on a single board. Make "lists" from Trello act as "statuses" in Jira, which can be mapped to columns on the board;

  • View and transition Trello cards from your Jira board, the changes will be dynamically made in Trello;

  • Add comments to "issue" in Jira and they automatically appear in Trello card.


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