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In case a user has never used Application Links on Confluence before, they will be asked to authenticate themselves on the corresponding Jira instance. This is a standard Atlassian Application Links procedure.

TMC Create Issue macro

The macro is designed to create issues. It looks like a simple button on a Confluence page and can be used in complex Confluence page design. The picture below shows several macros in a table:

To create an issue, open the "create issue" dialog, fill out the fields and click "Create". After the submission, a notification flag will appear.

You may have noticed the dialog is almost identical to "create issue" dialog in Jira. 

TMC List macro

The macro is designed to display a list of issues, to show a detailed issue view, and to edit issues. It looks like a default "Jira" Confluence macro but it's much more robust and powerful:

Just click on Issue Key or Summary to get a detailed issue view:

Click the "edit" button to open the edit dialog:

Log your work, add attachments, change status and add issue links to an issue.

All supported fields and issue actions you can revise here.

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