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Embedded into a Confluence page, Calendar for Confluence Cloud displays Jira issues as calendar events and their duration across the timeline.

The Calendar for Confluence macro will be displayed on the Confluence page after adding and authorization macro.

Choose the Project or Jira Filters section you want to track.

Select the Project or Jira filter from the Project/Jira FIlter dropdown.

Select what Jira time fields (including custom fields) to set as Start and End Dates, and easily keep track of your team’s workload from Confluence Cloud.

Click on the Select start/end date field to select Start and End Dates to display.

The app offers four custom calendar views: Month, Week, Day, and Agenda – which let you always stay on top of your current project schedules for more intuitive resource management.

Use the Today, Back, and Next buttons to navigate between months/weeks/days.

If the selected start/end days are not filled in the issues, the "Due date" field will be displayed in the calendar.

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